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  • 27 years of experience ...

    Production Company "Scitalis" LLC has specialized in the production of porcelain figurines since 1991.

    During this time, a team of professionals has turned its craft into art.

  • European Quality ...

    The enterprise has a double quality control. 

    As raw materials we use porcelain mass of Spanish production.

    The glaze consists of environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless components.

  • A large assortment ...

    To date, the full catalog includes more than 300 products excluding various color options. 

    On the basis of the ongoing monitoring of demand the assortment is rapidly expanding and is improved: the products which are the least in demand are replaced by new popular products.

  • Affordable price and discounts ...

    We manufacture products not to admire it only by ourselves, that’s why we set competitive prices and adopt a flexible and realistic system of discounts:

    - Progressive component of the discount is increased by 1% for every 10,000 rubles order, up to a maximum of 5%,

    - Accumulative component of the discount is increased by 1% for each subsequent order, up to a maximum of 5%.

  • Reliability and convenience...

    It is easily and safely to work with us. We have attentive and responsive attitude to large and small customers, thanks to it the geography of deliveries covers more than 60 cities of Russia.


Dear ladies and gentlemen!  This is the website of the Russian production company "Scitalis."     

Scitalis is mythical medieval serpent with such a marvelous appearance that it stuns the viewer. He was born in the fire and his power was in his beauty. Scitalis didn’t chase his victim, instead he waited till the victim, mesmerized by the beauty of the iridescent patterns on his scale approached him, and then he slowly seized it.

Our porcelain figurines are also born in the fire, and we hope that they are also able to fascinate  connoisseurs and ordinary consumers.
Mythical Scitalis came from  ancient time, but "Scitalis" from Astrakhan, the company producing porcelain figurines, souvenirs and gifts,  is only 25 years old.  But thanks to the well-matched team of artists and technologists enamored of porcelain, our company has earned high marks of experts and collectors. Our numerous partners, wholesalers appreciate the convenience of working with us, the applied  system of discounts and terms of delivery. Many of them have worked with us for more than 15-20 years.

     литьё на заводе

Astrakhan porcelain can be bought in stores and showrooms in many cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, and from Murmansk to Sochi. Production Company "SCITALIS" LLC took part in  regional and Russian art exhibitions and festivals, and its leading artists, animal sculptors  G. Bolunova and V. Salvin are award winners. Under their leadership young sculptors seamlessly  join into the creative process, constantly replenishing the assortment of porcelain figurines and porcelain statuettes with new works that pass the inevitable "demand test" and compete with similar products from other well-known manufacturers in quality and price.
Thanks to the high quality of Astrakhan souvenirs with local symbols, our company was honored to take part in the meetings of ordinary tourist on the quay  of Astrakhan port as well as delegations of the highest level in the Government of  Astrakhan region, and also to represent Astrakhan manufacturers of exclusive gifts in a variety of local and international exhibitions and fairs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yessentuki, Krasnodar, Kazan and other cities, as well as in Leipzig, Baku, Atyrau.     
Porcelain souvenirs of “Scitalis” LLC are presented in several styles: from figurines of purebred dogs and cats to the original and funny statuettes on river and sea topics. The highlight of our production is undoubtedly the porcelain fish. Kind and friendly  ceramic figurines of warm colors perfectly fit to  modern interior. Both  adults and children like it. 

Гузель на укладке

The products are made of porcelain by a unique technology with the use of high-temperature (1200 °C) underglaze decoration pigments and special solutions. The glaze does not contain lead oxide and other harmful components.

The enterprise is constantly working on improving the assortment of souvenirs, which includes more than 300 items.  But high quality of Astrakhan porcelain remains permanent. 

All porcelain figurines and statuettes still undego a total cycle of pre-firing manual handling. As a result, each souvenir is individual and unique. The beauty born in the  fire, retains for you affection of  masters’ hands and the fire in their hearts forever.

We invite wholesalers, including small enterprises, to mutually beneficial cooperation. You can order and buy souvenirs at wholesale at competitive prices with discounts.

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